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You are not the self you know. Look at your self.
The self you know is smoke. You are the living flame of life.

In addition to the essays here, you can read The Natural Contemplative Blog.
Audio and video versions of some of these essays are also available, as well as some older essays.


Contemplative Ecology

"The heart of contemplation is a relationship with unfathomable reality."

Introduction to Contemplative Ecology

"Touched by the infinitely unknowable, nothing can ever be the same. Life is so much more than this petty little mind. "

Contemplation for a World in Crisis

"This is the contemplative revolution, a fundamental change of perspective, a complete reorientation, giving up the illusion of control and allowing the inexplicably real to live and breathe within us and around us."


"That is what repentance meant to me: a fundamental change of orientation, in which everything that was false was thrown away."

Waves of Stillness

"Remembering the stillness at the heart of our own lives reunites us with everything."

Me or Not Me?

"Who am I in reality, as opposed to who or what I think I am or think I should be?"

The Insurrection of the Real

"Which will win your heart: the predictable and rather shabby entertainments of the mind, or life itself in all its wild, dancing, utterly mysterious actuality?"

What is a Contemplative?

"They call us to lay hold of what really matters..."

Choosing Life

"For the body is one, and has many members."

What Can We Do To Help The Whales?

" I think the most critical thing, and it can and must happen right alongside all the practical things that need to be done, is to face ourselves very honestly and reject the consumerist life."

The Seal People

"Most books about seals say nothing about their singing abilities. And I think scientists have been a little slow to accept the fact that seals sing beautiful tunes in the air. That is because the seals seem to be a little choosy about their audience."

The Living Flame of Life: Meditations on Meditation

"Love knows how to surround hate in a way that neither frightens it back into the depths, nor adds to its force. But this love arises of its own accord."

Gracias, Gracias

"I lose track of myself again, and a way that feels like no way clears before me, and I return to a home I never knew I had left. I come home to love. And nothing else matters."

You Jump

(a dream?)

"Outside the sky is blue, the children are playing, and here you are in the depths of the mountain."

Older Essays

These older essays do not necessarily represent my current orientation and understanding, but they were the best I could do at the time, just as what I write now is the best I can do, all wholly inadequate for describing my experience of the world.


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